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Warranty Services

Unlike assembly line processes that require a high degree of structure, creating and distributing warranty offers require processes involving innovation, negotiation, and accountability.

Warranty management is a critical process for manufacturing companies. It can represent contingent liabilities in the billions of dollars. In fact, warranty management has been called the ‘emergency room of the company’ by some manufacturers. The warranty services process cuts across departmental and organizational boundaries, and involves decision makers from many departments such as engineering, manufacturing, safety, marketing, legal, finance, and more. The team must create an offer that is both competitive and financially and legally viable for the company.

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Ford Motor Co. adopted ActionWorks to reduce the time and cost for managing warranty processing, particularly for handling special cases. Using ActionWorks for warranty services enables companies to reduce, by up to 70%, the time it takes to draft, approve, and disseminate warranty services offers to the millions of customers, distributors, and suppliers associated with their products.

Twenty years of process experience at Action Technologies has taught us that most of the waste in any core knowledge-worker process derives not from within an organization's specific business functions, but from the lack of coordination among functions. In an industry where time-to-market is a distinguishing factor, the ability to have a core process, such as warranty services, flow seamlessly from engineering, to safety, to marketing, and legal 70% faster than your competitors means increased customer satisfaction, reduced costs, and increased shareholder value.

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