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Resource and Staffing Management

Improve the productivity of your most valuable, and most expensive, resource—your people

Knowledge workers constitute more than 50 percent of the expenses of modern corporations. But more important, knowledge workers are the key to competitive advantage.

Most companies rely on a range of processes to manage their business and create competitive advantage. Knowledge work, by definition, depends on the knowledge, intelligence, judgment, and creativity of people. They need to negotiate, collaborate, invent, and make decisions, rather than follow clearly defined, repetitive task plans. But identifying the right people to participate in your key processes can be quite complex. It requires an ability to search for internal—or external—knowledge workers, sorted by a variety of factors: skills, experience, credentials, availability, cost, location, and other factors.

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ActionWorks enables you to quickly reserve and assign professionals to processes and projects, based on skill, experience, availability, location, preference, and other factors. Equally important, the system allows you to find people based on role, position, or associated offices, as well as to group people for easier reference. ActionWorks for increases your company's productivity and reduces long-term costs by ensuring your have the right people doing the right work at the right time, creating and sustaining your competitive advantage. ActionWorks frees your knowledge workers do their jobs most effectively, increasing the time available for innovation, creation, and high-level decision-making, and reducing the time spent on more routine, but still essential collaboration, planning, monitoring, as teams collaborate to create new value.

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