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Action Technologies' award-winning Business Process Management (BPM) software has enabled our leading global customers to reduce the time and cost of person-to-person decision-driven processes by 40-60% and typically generate returns of more than 300%.

The ActionWorks solution is effective because it delivers more than software—it delivers unparalleled expertise and experience. When you select ActionWorks, you benefit from Action’s twenty years of process management and software development experience. Over these two decades we have created a library of hundreds of generic processes and templates that helps you save time and money. We’ve helped hundreds of companies create competitive advantage, while saving millions, through process management—we know we can help you, too.Value Chain

Core and Support Processes

According to Michael Porter's widely accepted concept of the value chain, companies rely on a range of primary/core and support processes to create value for their customers (see Business Process Management for additional information on process types). Core processes are unique to a firm and have greater strategic importance than support processes. If the objective is to create competitive advantage, then a company’s focus should be on core processes, such as new product development or customer care and retention. However, if the objective of a process is operational efficiency, then a support process may be a better choice.

To sample ActionWorks implementations, see demos and presentations and the collection of core and support processes in the Applications and Industries sections.

To see ActionWorks integrated into an enterprise architecture, please review CSC e4SM Integrates Person-to-Person Decision Process Management Solution From Action Technologies

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