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ActionWorks® Business Process Manager

ActionWorks Business Process Manager ActionWorks Business Process Manager integrates capabilities for managing all the forms of knowledge work, from routine processing to complex, decision-driven business activities demanding specialized knowledge, judgment, experience, and innovation. It consists of:
  • Process Builder for designing structured business processes and deploying them with "one button"

  • Process Engine, which executes processes in real time, while ensuring process integrity

  • Ad Hoc Interaction Manager, which coordinates the ad hoc interactions essential to complex, decision-driven business processes

  • Document Manager for managing, controlling, and tracking all documents associated with processes

  • Process Dashboard where users track all aspects of structured and unstructured processes, projects, and collaborations

  • Process Analysis and Statistics, which provides the data on process performance essential to diagnosing problems and continuously improving processes

  • Team Manager, which provides robust team management, virtual workspaces, and a suite of web-based collaboration, project management, and administrative tools for executing work in dynamic team environments, including collaboration with external contacts.
Please click on each component to understand the full capabilities of ActionWorks.

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