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ActionWorks® Business Process Manager: Process Dashboard

Dashboard The ActionWorks Process Dashboard is a vital decision management tool for knowledge workers that provides essential information and control to process participants and owners, using all four knowledge-work styles. Participants manage, monitor and respond to work, requests, or exceptions through this dashboard, the Calendar, or the Workbox. The Dashboard displays the work items that are due by you and due to you, charts and graphs of important information, and alerts about items that require immediate attention. Integration with Microsoft Outlook means that people who have work assigned can receive assignments or requests via email, and they can act on that work without leaving Outlook. ActionWorks also synchronizes with Outlook calendars and tasks.

Process owners can monitor process functioning, drill in to analyze problems, and work to continuously improve their processes.

Since organization leaders can’t check every possible work item every day, ActionWorks can notify them immediately when, for example, the organization is not going to meet a promise to a major customer or when a supplier is about to fail on a key deliverable. Imagine being able to capture, on single screen, the real-time changes to the sales forecast or to know when a project for a key customer is in jeopardy. Imagine being able to cut through the clutter and know exactly when you need to take action. ActionWorks provides this visibility into business by displaying metrics and notifications from any combination of ActionWorks processes, existing data systems, or enterprise applications in an easy-to-understand text, tabular, or graphical format.

ActionWorks users can create custom “lenses” and set custom filters in their Dashboard to eliminate clutter and ‘information overload’. In addition to providing multiple personalized work views, such as lists and calendars, users can also search, sort, and filter work, showing anything from all work to showing only 'work due to me' or 'work pending by me.' Dashboard Screen

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