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ActionWorks® Business Process Manager: Process Builder

Process Builder Process Builder Map ActionWorks Process Builder is a powerful modeling and application development tool for mapping, simulating, and analyzing complex knowledge-dependent processes, then implementing them at the touch of a button. It provides an easy-to-use drag-and-drop approach for mapping out business processes, creating the appropriate forms and views, ensuring process validity, and delivering them to the production environment immediately, without the need to write a line of program code.

Processes can be created using the Protocol Wizard by answering questions such as "Will the performer be allowed to revoke his or her agreement to do the work?" or "Will the customer be allowed to renegotiate the terms or conditions after the work has started?"

Of course, Builder integrates with external databases, assisted by the Database Wizard, and transactional systems—and, in fact, to any system with a web-services interface. And Action's library of process maps and templates provides a basis for many common processes.

There are virtually no limits to the complexity of the business process that can be designed and implemented with Process Builder. It saves time by giving continuous feedback about process validity to designers, eliminating the need to build the entire process before debugging it. The Process Builder outputs the process definition based on the ActionWorks Business Interaction Model, ActionWorks’ standard building blocks, and a set of Web page specifications that participants use throughout the process to display and view relevant data from domain-specific databases.

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