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ActionWorks® Process Analysis and Statistics

Statistics Control Chart ActionWorks Process Analysis and Statistics provides real-time statistical reports, control charts, and other data about process performance, most particularly for those difficult-to-measure knowledge-worker processes. Business process owners can review where bottlenecks occur, examine whether the source of the issue is internal or external, analyze which portions of the process take longer than originally anticipated, discover how a process is trending over time, and, most importantly, take action to improve the process.

Process owners can analyze time, activity, quality, cost, and customer satisfaction variables for any Process, Sub-Process, and Process Version. Results include mean, variation, standard deviation, R2, moving-average trend-line, and Six Sigma, presented in a browser interface with drill down capability.

Instance data is also displayed in a table, control chart (illustrated), or histogram, with
drill down to the specific underlying data of each instance. Extensive filtering capability allows narrowing the data by date, performer, sub-process, and other factors. This capability is particularly important to those implementing Six Sigma process improvement programs. Statistics Control Chart

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