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ActionWorks® Business Process Manager: Ad Hoc Interaction Manager

Ad Hoc Request ActionWorks Ad Hoc Interaction Manager powers productivity increases for knowledge workers. It gives them the ability to request work, schedule meetings, and ask for approvals, and the flexibility to handle the exceptions that inevitably occur in team projects, collaboration, structured processes—in all processes involving complex human interactions.

The ad hoc interaction manager provides basic requests of specific people or roles (Request), requests of groups of people (Group Request), meeting requests (Meeting), appointment requests (Appointment), and approval requests (Approval), all based on the negotiation and commitment concepts of the Business Interaction Model. These Request types can be fully customized to meet your organization's needs. Users can also request other resources, such as a room and AV equipment for a meeting or transportation to an airport. Requests can be delegated, say to a subordinate, or transferred to others, such as when someone changes positions. People are notified of, and can interact with, requests on the ActionWorks Dashboard, Workbox, Calendar, or by email.

This integrated ad hoc capability enlarges process management to increasing the productivity of knowledge workers. We all know it is impossible to anticipate and map every spontaneous interaction that will occur when people are required to make decisions, innovate new solutions, and take actions in an uncertain, changing business environment. In fact, 20 years of business process management experience has shown us that 80 percent of average process cycle time is spent on managing exceptions. ActionWorks gives your knowledge workers the flexibility to work through exceptions by giving them the capability to insert changes on the fly and still maintain complete visibility and control, instead of obliging them to leave the structured system to resolve a problem that has brought a process to a standstill. Ad Hoc Request Screen

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