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ActionWorks® Standards Coordinator

Standards Coordinator

Modern standards, such as ISO 16949-2002, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001, and governance requirements, such as Basel II or Sarbannes- Oxley, require superior process management to achieve compliance. They also are extraordinarily dependent on the talents and performance of knowledge workers.

Only ActionWorks Standards Coordinator manages the complex web of negotiations, interactions, commitments, and data coordination essential to compliance. Standards become actionable, executable, and auditable. Only Standards Coordinator provides all of the capabilities you need to ensure ongoing compliance with standards and ensure that what should happen actually happens on a day-to-day basis.

Based on our ActionWorks Business Interaction Model, Standards Coordinator provides exclusive closed loop management that ensures the participants in a compliance process have negotiated their performance and deliverables, and that only the “customers” for those deliverables, whether internal or external to the organization, can determine if they are satisfied. It goes far beyond the capabilities of products that tie a standards document to a description of what should happen or enable you to create a process map of what should happen. And the metrics gathered by this always-running engine help you achieve daily continuous improvement.

For more information, view a demonstration of Standards Coordinator, visit the Standards Coordinator Solution page, and download the Standards Coordinator Brief.

Standards Coordinator Project Screen

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