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ActionWorks® Contract Life Cycle Manager

Contract Life Cycle Manager ActionWorks Contract Life Cycle Manager provides a comprehensive tool for ensuring contract compliance to achieve expected financial benefits while closely managing risk. It manages all aspects of formulating, negotiating, documenting, performing, and monitoring contracts. Since it embodies our rich Business Interaction Model, Contract Life Cycle Manager inherently manages the collaboration among experts necessary to prepare and negotiate contracts, from draft to signature. It then elicits a coherent network of individual commitments to meet and manage obligations—on time, on budget, and on specification—thus ensuring accountability for every component of a contract.

The new Business Sense Engine tracks, monitors, and manages the key contractual provisions, whether conditional, event, or date-driven, through easily constructed business rules. The rules can be as simple as a date trigger or as rich as a set of complex logical conditions. Business rules can access information stored in database systems or any information sources accessible via a Web Service. When the conditions are met, Contract Life Cycle Manager triggers processes that alert the responsible people so they can make decisions and take action, maximizing benefit and minimizing risk and liability.

A Contract Life Cycle Manager lens on the Action Dashboard alerts executives of the status of contracts, including changes and impending compliance events.

For more information, review the Product Brief and the Contract Life Cycle Management presentation on this web site. Contract Life Cycle Manager Screen

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