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ActionWorks® Applications and Templates

ActionWorks Modules and Templates The ActionWorks Business Process Management Suite provides a fundamentally different environment for constructing business processes, one that inherently incorporates the way knowledge workers interact as they work together. ActionWorks also allows knowledge workers to use all their work process tools: structured processes, project management, collaborations, and ad hoc interactions. Action Technologies also offers add-on applications and templates for more demanding processes.

Recent releases include:
  • Corporate Performance Manager, which enables people at all levels in an organization to plan, negotiate, manage, and assess comprehensive, coherent business commitments aligned with corporate goals and direction

  • Contract Life Cycle Manager, which allows companies to automate and proactively manage all stages of contracts, from negotiation to enforcement

  • Standards Coordinator, which seamlessly integrates standards and regulation compliance into clear business processes with flexibility to manage exceptions and change.
Our customers have used this environment to develop and implement thousands of processes to resolve specific, high-impact business problems, many of which are intractable using more traditional command-and-control, workflow-based products.

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