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White Papers

Our White Papers provide insight into the intellectual and experiential basis for our focus on business process management, and especially on improving knowledge-worker productivity.

Characteristics of Processes Best Suited For ActionWorks®
ActionWorks® is based on a fundamental understanding of how knowledge workers interact. Click here to see the comparison between the processes best suited for ActionWorks and the processes best suited to other BPM systems.

Characteristics of an Action Technologies Implementation
This white paper lays out Action's easy to follow method for producing substantial improvements in the speed, cost and customer satisfaction of knowledge worker driven business processes. If you're looking to improve processes of strategic importance to your organization, you will want to read this.

Whither the Document
Many BPM software packages focus on streamlining the flow of documents, including version control, archiving and retrieval. While these activities may make life more convenient, they are NOT the central elements of successful business process management. Click here to learn more about the changing role that documents play in today's knowledge-worker organizations.

Business People and IT People: Irreconcilable Differences?
Business people see their interactions with others as open-ended, negotiative and unique.  IT people design BPM systems that are bounded, use assigned tasks, and are recurrent. This paper shows why these differences occur and how Action's solution reconciles these divergent world views.

Delegation: Why it is Critical to Knowledge-Worker Business Processes
Delegation is more than telling other people what to do! Action Technologies software helps knowledge workers in complex organizations delegate work without simply "passing the buck."

Business Process Management: The Future of IT
Business process transformation lies at the core of just about every single fundamental innovation that has reshaped industries over the past two centuries. The 21st Century Imperative is to transform Knowledge Work. IT extends the process path by providing powerful tools.

Business Process Integrity in ActionWorks
Safeguarding business processes from potentially disastrous breakdowns

What We Know About People-Centric Business Processes
Over 20 years of lessons learned in helping customers improve knowledge worker productivity by 30%-60% and earn returns greater than 300%

Managing Critical Relationships with Concentrated Customers
Business life is different when your top five customers generate 80% of your revenue

Collaborative Commerce Over the Extranet
How interAction and transAction work together

A Financial Look at the Risk Profiles of Professional Service Firms
Understanding the financial formula for professional service success

Intranet Workflow Applications
Designing web-based applications to support higher customer expectations

A Recipe for Business Process Management: Slashing Cycle Time
Transformation cycle time in business processes whose effectiveness rests on knowledge worker collaboration, coordination, communication and commitment

Enabling Business Process Management
ActionWorks enables business processes dependent on knowledge workers for success.

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