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ActionWorks Business Interaction Model

Why ActionWorks

ActionWorks® is the only Business Process Management (BPM) software designed to increase the productivity of knowledge workers. It is the only BPM offering based on the ActionWorks Business Interaction Model, itself derived from fundamental research into how knowledge workers interact to achieve results. It is the only offering that includes all knowledge-work types—structured processes, projects, collaboration, and ad hoc requests. And ActionWorks has won 16 major industry and global awards in the last seven years.

Since knowledge workers—people engaged for their knowledge, experience, intelligence, judgment, and innovation—cost companies more than 50 percent of all expenses, improving their productivity is the single most important way to improve an organization's productivity and profitability. For the last 20 years our global 1000 customers have used ActionWorks to reduce the time and cost of people-intensive business processes. These customers have documented:
  • Cycle time reductions of 40% to 70%
  • Cost reductions of 30% to 60%
  • Productivity gains of 30% or more
  • Quality improvements of 33%
  • ROIs in excess of 300%
Our customers analyze, redesign, implement, and continuously improve their most crucial operations to produce dramatic increases in productivity. Action's customers have not only identified ways to create competitive advantage through managing the right processes, but are also successfully protecting that advantage with international business methods patents.

ActionWorks Business Interaction Model

The comprehensive, closed-loop ActionWorks Business Interaction Model is at the heart of ActionWorks Business Process Management software. Based on our patented system for negotiating and managing commitments, ActionWorks provides the most powerful technique for ensuring success of process—the personal commitment of individuals to get a job done.

The "command and control" model of process management offered by other BPM vendors works when a few people at the top of a hierarchy tell a group of people exactly what to do and how to do it. Command and control does not work when knowledge of what to do—and how to do it—is distributed throughout the organization. In contrast, ActionWorks recognizes, and embodies, the fact that people prepare their ideas about what needs to be done, negotiate and commit to achieving mutually acceptable outcomes with stakeholders, perform work, and evaluate the results before accepting or rejecting them.

Our customers also use the Business Interaction Model to reduce what appear to be hundreds of separate processes into a handful of basics processes, greatly reducing the time necessary to design and deploy complex processes.

ActionWorks ensures speed, accountability, visibility, and customer satisfaction.

ActionWorks Manages All Knowledge Work Types

ActionWorks is the only BPM application that gives organizations the structure to manage dynamic, decision-driven, interactive processes, projects and collaborations, as well as the flexibility to handle the ad hoc activities that inevitably occur in business. Knowledge workers use a variety of work types in addressing business issues or opportunities:
  • Structured Processes, characterized by highly structured, repeatable work steps. These are the routine administrative business processes that are recurrent, stable, and driven by predetermined “command-and-control” rules, like routine billing or order entry. Departures from the defined steps results in lost information, and can cause chaos.
  • Projects, where people plan a sequence of tasks, events, and resources—often in Gantt charts—to achieve a clearly defined objective, such as building a factory. They manage to that plan, but must have the flexibility to adjust the plan, and the management, as circumstance require—weather, or materials availability, for example.
  • Collaboration with a variety of people with different skills, to achieve an objective that may be only loosely structured. The interactions among the participants, typically in “collaboration spaces,” lead first to a focusing of the objective, and then to creative achievement of the objective. Designing a completely new product falls into this category.
  • Ad Hoc Interactions that all use to get a job done. If the structured process or project plan doesn't cover the unexpected, the uncertain, or the need for new thinking, people find other ways to accomplish their objectives. They call on people outside the formal process, project, or collaboration who have the necessary knowledge to help resolve the issue.
And of course, knowledge workers often use all four of these work types in a single endeavor, especially those where intelligence, creativity, and judgment are essential to business success. With ActionWorks, people have all the tools they need in one system to manage all of their work coherently.

Today, companies on every continent manage their mission-critical processes with ActionWorks, and many have risen to market prominence by focusing on speed, cost, and quality improvements enabled by ActionWorks. From new product development that yields first-to-market advantage for International Truck and Engine Corp., to superb customer service that increases customers' switching cost for Credit Suisse Private Banking, ActionWorks is the answer to knowledge work process needs.

Twenty years of business process experience has taught us that most of the waste in a process derives not from within an organization's specific business functions, but from the lack of coordination among functions (see our White Paper, What We Know About Business Process Management). The huge growth in the number and importance of knowledge workers has led to an explosion in the need for coordination. ActionWorks links and orchestrates all the commitments, decisions, actions, information systems and handoffs between departments that make up your core processes, thus giving everyone involved clear visibility and accountability. It is this solution that has translated into reduced time and cost of business processes that depend on people's knowledge, experience, intelligence, judgment, and innovation by 40-60%, while typically generating returns of more than 300% for our Fortune 500 customers.

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