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What is BPM?
The BPM Imperative
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Business Process Management

The Business Process Management (BPM) industry is flourishing! Meta says the market grew 20 percent in 2004, up from $1.1 billion in 2003. Conferences on BPM abound, new BPM publications appear frequently, business consultants widely proclaim BPM's merits, and organizations are creating sustainable competitive advantage by managing their processes rigorously—and creatively.

BPM can be defined as any activity intended to streamline and formalize the conduct of business, including process design, automation, management, and continuous improvement. But BPM experts Howard Smith and Peter Fingar, authors of Business Process Management - the third wave offer a more useful definition:
“A business process is the complete and dynamically coordinated set of
 collaborative and transactional activities that deliver value to customers.”

The BPM Imperative

Organizations thrive when they have good strategies and the processes for executing those strategies. Successful organizations use thoughtfully structured and managed business processes to drive to their goals, establish a source of market differentiation, and create competitive advantage. Because knowledge workers—people engaged for their knowledge, experience, intelligence, judgment, and innovation—constitute more than 50 percent of the expenses of modern corporations, improving their productivity is the essential step to increasing corporate efficiency.

If a company's key processes, such as check clearing or order-to-invoice-to-cash, are easily replicated, then any competitive advantage they create is temporary. Others will soon duplicate them. Conversely, more strategic, fluid and dynamic business processes unique to an organization, such as new product design or high-sensitivity customer care, offer a durable business advantage.

Why ActionWorks?

ActionWorks® is the only Business Process Management (BPM) software based on a fundamental understanding of how knowledge workers interact, and the only offering that integrates all knowledge-work types: structured processes, projects, collaboration, and ad hoc requests.

For more than 20 years, our Global 1000 customers have used ActionWorks to increase knowledge-worker productivity by analyzing, redesigning, implementing, and continuously improving their most crucial operations, yielding sustainable competitive advantage. ActionWorks-based business processes reduce the time and cost of people-intensive business processes—those dependent on people's knowledge, experience, intelligence, judgment, and innovation—by 30-70%, while typically generating returns of more than 300%.

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