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Bill WeltyActionWorks® is the only Business Process Management (BPM) software designed to increase the productivity of knowledge workers. Why is this important to your business? Because knowledge workers constitute more than 50 percent of the expenses of modern corporations; increasing the productivity of this largest expense of the enterprise is the single most important way to improve the profitability of the organization.

For 20 years, Action Technologies has produced software solutions that support people as they plan, decide and act in risky and uncertain environments. We use a patented model that helps people negotiate agreements, personally commit to achieving the results, and monitor the work in progress. These business interactions are far richer and more flexible than the tasks assigned by all other systems. The difference between Action's negotiated commitment processes and assigned task processes could not be wider.

Action's request-oriented Business Interactions ask the question, "Can you deliver P at price $ to N plants by next W?" The question mark opens a negotiation. The assigned task in such business circumstances irritates colleagues and business partners, and closes conversations that may well lead to a superior resolution of an issue.

When engaged in innovative work involving people with different skills, or mobilizing an initiative in an uncertain world, or interacting across corporate boundaries, you need the ActionWorks Business Interaction Model, because the processes involved require negotiated commitments among participants. Business processes where no decisions are made and where clerks perform repetitive work or machines exchange data never rise to mission-critical status. In the end, if a process is critical, it will require that people plan, decide, innovate, and act. And, companies need to be fast. Action Technologies has helped the largest companies in the world analyze, redesign, implement in software, and continuously improve their mission-critical business processes to produce the speed and agility that creates competitive advantage. We believe we can help your organization do the same.

Bill Welty,
CEO and Chairman of the Board

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